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Holidays stressing you out? Here’s your prescription!


Here we go againChristmas music is on the radio, the calendar is filling up, traffic is getting noticeably worse and it’s only November!  How are we going to get through another holiday season and maintain our serenity and unflappable grace?  If you’re like me, you want to book a 3 week trip to a remote island.  No, make that 5 weeks.  I’d leave the day after Thanksgiving, someone else would do the dishes, and I’d come back home all tan and relaxed (and skinny from NO HOLIDAY FOOD, because there aren’t any rum balls on remote islands) on New Year’s Day to a clean house and no sign of holiday decor, anywhere.

Now, back to reality.  Sigh.

Not that the holidays are all bad.  I begrudgingly agree that they can be fun, if you have a sane family and some rich friends that throw amazing parties.  Oh, I know, then there’s the whole joy of giving and fellowship and thankfulness part.  And some people even like shopping for gifts!  But for the rest of us, what can you do to minimize the stress?

#1 Take time for yourself:  Say no to at least one holiday party and get a massage or take a bath instead.

#2 Get enough rest:  Be a “sleep scrooge” and don’t let anyone disturb you.  You are insanely beautiful, and you need your beauty sleep.

#3 Eat well:  Not too much, and not “holiday food”, but real, living food that you have to wash in the sink and cut up.  Use the time it takes to meditate on how grateful you are to know how to take care of yourself.  And while you’re at it, drink some pure, filtered water.

#4 Supplement:  We can’t eat well ALL the time, and some well-chosen nutraceuticals can be an essential bio-hack.  I recommend Magnesium (citrate or glycinate) 200 mg twice daily for the calming effect.  Over 325 enzymatic processes in the body require magnesium, and the average person gets about half of what they need!  Leg cramps, anyone?  A powder form like Natural Vitality Natural Calm is a nice way to end the day mixed in warm water before bed.  Second, a high quality B-complex because stress (and coffee, and alcohol…) deplete your stores pretty quickly.  Thirdly, make sure you are not Vitamin D deficient.  It can wreck you!  Take 5000 units of vitamin D3 every day.

#5 Exercise:  Get some joyful movement into your day, whether it’s a yoga class, a walk with a friend, or turning up the music and cleaning house really really well.  I try to schedule my workouts like appointments, but that all goes to hell when I get too busy.  Forgive yourself, and then get busy being active again as soon as possible.  It’s your body, and no one’s gonna love it like you can.



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Holiday Refresh-Skin Care Peels

Well, it’s the time of year to put your best face forward. Clark, Rusty, Uncle Eddie and the rest of the Griswolds will be visiting soon!  (Am I dating myself with this quite funny movie?)
So what do you do to freshen up your look, without having a lot of social downtime?
Skin Care Peels (Chemical Peels, if you will….), that’s what!  Dr. Birchenough and his staff have 2 effective treatment lines (VisaoMD and Glo Therapeutics) that will get your skin refreshed and get you back to decorating, trimming the tree or make the roast, all while entertaining your guests (the invited ones, and all the others!!)



VisaoMD Skin Care PeelsCombinations of Vitamin A and C extracts, along with glycolic acid, collagen, enzymes, peptides, and hydrating serums can make a big difference to the overall tone, texture and health of your facial skin
 What Can You Expect?
Superficial peels (BRILLIANCE PEELS )are usually done without anesthesia and allow an immediate return to normal daily activities. Fine lines and mild sun-damage are usually treated. The exfoliation process will help promote new outer-layer growth. Typically, the skin may be pink and lightly peeling for a few days after the peel (and sun avoidance is mandatory!), but the results are obvious within a week!
 Medium depth peels (PRESTIGE PEELS) may require some oral relaxing medications prior to the peel, due to the deeper level of penetration. Healing takes longer, up to 5 or 7 days, with more redness, peeling and flaking of the outer non-viable skin layers. However, the moderate wrinkles and worse sun-damage and pigmentation dark areas will be more fully treated. Sun avoidance is, again, mandatory to optimize results and minimize the side effects.





Glo-Therapeutics® – Customizable Skin Care Peel MIXOLOGY!

Dr. Birchenough and his staff will customize a chemical peel for you, personally, through the Glo-Therapeutics line. Chemical exfoliation promotes cellular turnover with the exclusive Glo Complex, letting  you “Heal while you Peel!” A unique combination of Spin Trap, Carnosine, Alma and Niacinamide, added to TCA, Jessners or Glycolic Acid, and we can individualize your treatment. These extracts help preventing free-radical damage and support the skin structure. Come in to discuss what mix we can serve up for!


Hope to see you soon, SB.

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What are you giving yourself this year?

In the late nineties a department store in Canada (Zellers) aired a television commercial that pretty much summed up how we can get lost in Christmas preparations. It’s a great thing to consider as we make our way into the holiday season.

So tell me- before you start making your grocery lists or inviting friends and family over for a great holiday gathering- what are you giving yourself for the holidays this year? The gift of family is a very important one, but what have you done to ensure you spend quality time enjoying their company? Moreover, aside from the hostess gifts or presents eventually stowed under the tree- what is it that you can give yourself this year that will make the coming months happier and more fulfilling?

Take some time over the next few weeks and consider making a list of things you can do for yourself. Set some time aside to start that book you’ve been putting off. Ditch twenty minutes of shopping time and go for a brisk walk. Take some time for coffee or a glass of wine with friends you wish you saw more of. Visit a health coach, fitness pro, beauty bar professional or even (dare I say it?) a cosmetic surgeon to start talking about how you can look and feel your best for the holidays.

Whatever it is you choose to do with the time you make for yourself- enjoy it- revel in it… and make it the first of many such times you schedule yourself into your busy calendar. Remember- when you feel fulfilled and happy friends and family will be happier too…

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Shiny Happy Woman

Open House Event

We are hosting an open house event Friday, December 5, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Village Hospital at Pelham Office.

Get ready for the holidays with special pricing and beauty offers!

Come in and meet with Dr. Birchenough.

RSVP Amber at 864.849.9330.

For more information, please check out the event details featured in Town magazine right here.

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Evening of Beauty Event with Amy Zimmer

Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 6, 6:00PM for an Evening of Beauty with Amy Zimmer & Dr. Shawn Birchenough. Learn more about LiveLifeBeautifully and BeautyCounter skin care.

Where: Couture Closets, 192 E. Main St, Spartanburg. RSVP at 864-586-8272 or

For more information, check out the event flyer here.


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Dr Shawn Birchenough Plastic Surgeon Blog Joy Arms Up on Beach

Hello world!

We are so happy to unveil our new site and blog and share them with you! Check in with us every week for great tidbits of information on everything from beauty to fashion, health and fitness from Dr. Birchenough and some of his most trusted partners and friends.

Looking and feeling your best is never a one off thing to do- it’s a commitment to finding out what makes you happiest and helps you feel your best. It’s about being fulfilled, confident and strong. We call it finding your best you- and that will be your own unique health journey.

Curious about quick, easy and fab beauty tricks? Healthy-eating recipes? Great-get started fitness tips or- how to take your fitness to the next level in a fun accessible way? Affordable, wearable fashion ideas that will take your wardrobe from drab to fab?? And let’s not forget all the great specials and events Magnolia and Dr. Birchenough will be sharing. You’ll find them all here.

Stay tuned y’all- we’re hoping that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship- and a happier, healthier you!

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