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Women want to feel confident about their bodies and breasts. Dr Birchenough specializes in breast surgeries of all types, to help women achieve this confidence. He understands that considering breast surgery is a very personal process for each patient he sees. Whether it’s breast enlargement or reduction, breast lift or breast reconstruction. Dr. Birchenough believes in spending time discussing options with patients and sharing his highly sought after advice. He takes great care and time listening to his patient’s long-term beauty goals and offers detailed advice (and often sketches) to help each client envision their unique procedure. Mutually understanding expectations is an important part of the consultation process.

Dr. Birchenough has specifically trained with the innovators of silicone breast implants in the US.  He has had additional experience and comfort with the newest silicone implants, which are highly cohesive, anatomically shaped, “gummy bears.”

For a woman who already has breast implants or had breast surgery, but feels like the results could be better, discuss Breast Revision surgery with Dr. Birchenough – this is a unique area of expertise his.

“Dr. Birchenough is a wonderful surgeon with a great bedside manner. His team was so helpful and friendly.”