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Looking great doesn’t always require surgery. Science and aesthetic expertise have taken anti-aging to a new level with nonsurgical options like wrinkle smoothing injectables, fillers and laser skin resurfacing. New, high-quality skin care products (cosmeceuticals) complement these methods and help maintain the results over time.

Dr. Birchenough and his team provide a host of minimally invasive, low-downtime procedures to help restore your youthful, healthy glow. Every treatment is performed with extreme precision and accuracy so that you can enjoy maximum results with minimum side effects.

Come in and meet Dr. Birchenough to discuss your beauty goals and specific treatment recommendations, and get started on your path to a younger looking, more vibrant you.

“In the past I looked for the best price for Botox® and made my decisions about who I went to mostly on what the cost was. I had a friend go to Dr. Birchenough for Botox® and filler and I couldn’t believe the difference in how she looked. She’d spent thousands of dollars with other doctors for filler and Botox® but this time she looked much younger and more natural. What was most shocking for me was knowing that although his per unit price was a bit higher, the total cost of her appointment was lower because he really new what he was doing. I wish I had found that out a long time ago. I took her advice and went to Dr. Birchenough and the results were amazing. At the consultation for injectables he asked me about my overall beauty goals and issues. I told him I wanted to have surgery on my lower eyelids someday because they were just looking hollow and saggy- but he suggested we try using filler first. After he finished injecting one side he held up a mirror to show me the difference. It was shocking. I don’t need or want lower eyelid surgery now. There is a huge difference when you go to an expert. I shouldn’t have trusted my face with anyone else, Dr. Birchenough is amazing.”