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Facial Rejuvenation encompasses a wide range of products, procedures and methods. Dr. Birchenough is a plastic surgeon who has the ability to do non-invasive laser or chemical peel procedures, injectables like Botox® or Juvederm®, minimally invasive procedures like neck or cheek SmartLipo, or surgery like eyelid lifts, cheek lift or facelifts.

Women seeking to regain a more youthful appearance often consider facial rejuvenation surgery.

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Facial rejuvenation surgery provides the best opportunity to remove excess skin and fat, and reshape the facial structures – forehead and eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips, chin, and neck.

Many times, combining surgical procedures with injectables or facial laser can synergistically provide the best outcomes available.

The ability to safely perform and combine these methods has given aesthetic plastic surgeons like Dr. Birchenough many advantages in treating and maintaining healthy, youthful facial looks, while taking into consideration feminine features.

“I think Dr. Birchenough has the best practice in our area. They have done wonders for me.”

“Facial Age Harmony” is an important concept in Dr. Birchenough’s consultation process. Often, there is a single feature or aspect of a woman’s face that is out of proportion to the others, in relation to its contribution to the overall aging look of her face. Most women know what that area is (for instance puffy upper eyelids, deepening grooves between the nose and cheeks, or sagging skin on the jowls or neck.) Dr Birchenough will help you understand those areas and help restore Facial Age Harmony by choosing among the multitude of non-surgical and surgical skills with which he has experience.